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Can FlowRiders Be Installed Indoors?

About 25% of our products find themselves indoors, away from the elements, and helping their owners develop a positive ROI along the way. Some of these are in indoor waterparks and hotels and resorts, and others are in shopping mall scenarios which incorporate the Flow House™ model of “stand alone” operations – where the FlowRider is the star and entertainer and food and beverage is integral to the revenue stream. 

During the planning and budgeting of an indoor FlowRider, there will be one major element that is different than an outdoor installation – building materials and special site prep. We will guide you every step of the way, but the main point to know is that as soon as you put a FlowRider, which is basically a little body of water, inside 4 walls, it turns into an aquatic zone. What this means is that an extensive (and expensive) HVAC system will need to be put in place, the interior building materials will have to be waterproof (can’t be regular drywall), etc. Your cap ex goes up, but with an indoor installation in a place that typically gets very cold outside, it obviously allows you to operate all year long – which is a huge bonus!