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Experium Waterpark in Sälen, Sweden: Major Fun Zone

Experium Waterpark Sälen (Skistar) in Sweden is a board sports enthusiast’s heaven on earth.  Even if sports aren’t your thing, with 1,080 acres of ski- and snowboard-accessible mountainous terrain, a FlowRider® Double surf simulator and waterslides, kiddie pools and a swim-up snack bar, there is nonstop year-round fun.  If you are the work hard/play hard type of person, this place is for you!  The aquatic management team knows the importance of maintenance and keeping these active guests happy, so at the end of last summer they called us to spruce up their FlowRider.

The refurbishment included the replacement of the top 2 outer layers of the attraction, a ride surface replacement, new surface for the front and rear recovery and also a new nozzle flap.  The nozzle flap is a patented and very important element of the FlowRider and WaveOz™ surf simulators.  It sits towards the front of the ride and covers the area from which the water is pumped on and up the ride surface.  Check out the before and after photos again!



Another beautiful Swedish summer is upon the resort, so we wanted to circle back around for a quick check in on the ride.  Along with multiple mountains, lakes, trails, running/walking paths, the FlowRider is all primed and ready for some action.  They recently revamped their website too, so it’s a great time to have a look; we are willing to bet that this area of Sweden will soon be added to your travel bucket list.  NEW WEBSITE:

Experium’s FlowRider Double, along with every other one of our 200+ installations, is important to us.  Once you own a FlowRider, you are part of the Flow Family and we support you through and through.  We are aware that repeat bookings at the attached lodge are often made because of the FlowRider.  The allure of the FlowRider is real and it can make a huge difference in a venue’s success level.  That’s what we like to focus on – when you succeed, we do too!