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Create a “Next Level” Event with the FlowRider® Mobile

FlowRider, Inc. has installed FlowRider® wave machines in 100+ in waterparks, on 13 of Royal Caribbean ships (3 ships have TWO!), 40+ in hotels around the world (i.e. Waldorf Astoria, Hyatt, Westin) and more in stand alone settings (i.e. Surf House Phuket & Patong) and in 20+ very lucky community aquatic centers.  These standing wave machines create a phenomenal entertainment hub anywhere and attract all ages no matter the geographical location.  A few years back, FlowRider, Inc. decided to take the “bring the Southern California lifestyle anywhere” idea to the next level with the inflatable FlowRider® Mobile!

The FlowRider Mobile is a self contained, portable unit that can, as mentioned, take any event to the next level.  This wave’s sidewalls, entry steps, exit slide and ride surface are all inflatable! Basically, the ride offers equal parts safety and fun when patrons take their turn on this wave.

About 15,500 gallons of water is pumped up and over the ride surface for riders to either bodyboard or stand-up ride (a.k.a. flowboard).  Sessions can be free or can require an hourly rate to ride. Renters can have elaborate branding elements around the ride or they just make sure there is a simple viewing area in the front.  When companies, organizations or institutions rent the wave, it can be anywhere from 1 day to 3 months; the average rental time is about a week.  Regardless, this wave is a blast and is guaranteed to create some serious fun and lasting memories at any event.

“The FlowRider was a huge success in Omaha!…we sold out all of the sessions and everyone had a great time. The only problem was we needed more time,”  Amanda Bryant, Special Projects Manager with USA Swimming, shared after having the FlowRider Mobile at the USA Swim Trials on Omaha, Nebraska this past summer.  Bryant went on to say, “Many thanks to the FlowRider team for making the Aqua Zone a huge success.  Now we need to figure out what 2020 will look like!”

“Your team was fabulous. All week they were helpful and engaged and always riding with the kids.  It was terrific to see,” Bryant shared with the FlowRider team shortly after the event!  The presence of the FlowRider Mobile in their Aqua Zone at Century Link Center was so fitting, not only because of the water element, but also because of the overall excitement the team brought to the project, as Bryant mentions.

The two FlowRider, Inc. operators that Bryant was able to meet, interact with and learn how to ride the wave from are Sean Silveira (5-time Flowboarding World Champion) and Andy Haase. Andy and Sean kept the all riders, especially the kids, engaged and excited for all 9 days of operation.  FlowRider and USA Swimming both obviously live and breath healthy, fun lifestyles and in turn love to share it, so this match up was perfect and FlowRider is also looking forward to the 2020 swim trials!

Whether it’s a product launch, music festival, community event, brand activation or any other celebratory event you can come up with, the FlowRider Mobile is a perfect opportunity to take any event to the next level.  Email Jo ( for more info if you are interested in renting the FlowRider Mobile.