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Brand New FlowRider Fan

Recently a Massachusetts family set out for a “Fall Break” vacation to Pennsylvania.  They headed straight to one of our favorite place in the world – Camelback Mountain Resort.  Their 5 year old son decided that we wanted to ride the FlowRider® Double at their indoor waterpark, Aquatopia, and, well…he is hooked!!

“Our usually skittish 5 year old wanted to give it (the FlowRider) a try.  So with the expectation of him lasting for 5 seconds, we let him have a turn,” said Peter Z., first-time Camelback Resort and FlowRider guest.  “He took to it like it was his calling!” he gladly reported.   “He outlasted kids 2 to 3 times his age and made it look like cake!”

Peter is not unlike many parents out there, especially parents of a 5 year old.  Usually 5 year old kids are right on the cusp of the minimum height requirement to bodyboard (42″) on the FlowRider, so it can leave parents uncertain if they are truly ready for surf simulator.  But if they are tall enough and willing to give it a whirl, we say, “Right on!”

At the completion of every installation (and periodically thereafter), we train the staff.  We teach them how to operate the machine, how to ride and also how to teach patrons how to ride.  These training sessions are usually multi-day and always leaves both the venue’s staff and us, FlowRider, Inc., super confident that each patron will not only experience the thrill of surfing, but will most likely want to ride again and again and again.  So Peter’s son’s success is really a nod to the FlowRider-dedicated crew at Camelback Resort.  Bravo, Aquatopia Crew!

“He received applause and a standing ovation which really may have helped him boost his overall confidence in trying things,” Peter carried on to report.   “We are already making plans for another visit to get our son some more time and experience on the FlowRider!”  In addition to this kid’s general stoke of shredding on the FlowRider, he is going to excel at so many more things in life just for making this leap while on vacation with his family.  How cool is that?!??  We are proud to play a part.

The FlowRider definitely draws in every member of the family – whether they are riding it or just watching.  So it’s no wonder that Peter’s family is already planning another vacation to Camelback Resort.  We are willing to bet that Peter himself may be motivated to give the FlowRider a try on their next visit.  Turn it in to a family affair, Peter!  See Ya On The Wave!