An Afternoon on the FlowRider® Edge

Located within the confines of lush palms and backyard walls at an undisclosed residence in the United States, lies a very special FlowRider® – a brand new product that we dreamed to reality after countless inquiries asking “how can I put one in my backyard?” This FlowRider may be considered a luxury item, out of reach for most. However, for many with the remaining budget (or lack of budgets all together) the Edge is an innovation in the world of artificial waves that provides an infinite amount of thrill for families and is a host or hostess’s absolute dream.

As we recently completed the world’s very first FlowRider Edge for one lucky couple who designed their dream home with backyard living being at its crux, we sent a member of our marketing team to this undisclosed location to gather media on this exciting new product. Here is an account from an afternoon on the FlowRider Edge. Here’s his story:

I parked my rental car and grabbed all my gear. I finally made it to the residence after traveling from our HQ in San Diego for a photoshoot that I had been anticipating for quite some time. As I walked around to the trunk, I looked up and was greeted by a beautiful, newly constructed home that you wouldn’t even know has one of the coolest backyard amenities just beyond the side wall. I did notice a small opening over the wall and through the palm, and I immediately recognized the FlowRider blue pantone that filled the gap. The next second, a stoked teenager on a flowboard flew across the small opening. Already in awe, I hustled to the front door to meet my hosts for the afternoon – the owners of the world’s very first FlowRider Edge.

After some very friendly introductions, we headed out to the backyard to see the main attraction – the reason for my travels, after all. Walking out to the backyard, I heard music and laughter over the soothing sounds flowing water. As we rounded the corner, I finally saw what I had heard so much about through all the planning and preparation that went into this new product. The FlowRider Edge, in all its glory, stood right before me. With a few smiling kids off of their electronic devices and having the time of their lives, plus adults kicking back and socializing with their beverage of choice in hand, there was no questioning that we were in for an exciting afternoon!

Before I started the photoshoot, I stood in awe for a few moments watching the wave flow and continually reminding myself of where I was… It was hard to believe that I was in someone’s backyard. We’ve all seen FlowRider waves on cruise ships, in waterparks, and at resorts. It was something special to see the innovation from the FlowRider team come to life within this brand-new residential application. Even with a high price point, for those that dream big, the Edge absolutely pays off by providing families with joy, laughter, and plenty of jealousy from the neighbors!

After the awe (slightly) subsided, I placed my camera in its water housing and got the drone airborne. I will let the photos speak for themselves…

Airborne above the Edge – Attaching to your pool, the wave uses the same water and filtration – making ownership and operating the ride easier. You don’t even need a massive pool or yard.


She’s got the coolest uncle


As you can see, wipeouts are part of the fun with the FlowRider Edge.


Exhibit A…


Showing off to the family


Even the dog is entertained!



Team rider Joel Stevens even made an appearance


Good luck getting the kids off


A stoked and surfed out family!


Proud new owners of a FlowRider Edge



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