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Adventure Bay Water park fires up their FlowRider in Windsor, Ontario

Adventure Bay, Windsor – November 2015

The exciting up and coming board sport of flowboarding is ready to continue the FlowRider FLOWmovement in Ontario, Canada.

Thanks to Eric Silverman, the 7-time World Flowboarding Champion, the FlowRider Double at Adventure Bay in Windsor is back in order after a couple dormant months.  On the heels of winning his 7th World Flowboarding Championship in Abu Dhabi, Eric sacrificed his Thanksgiving Holiday to repair the wave machine!  Of course he had to throw down a few tricks during the “testing phase” of the repair.  Adventure Bay has the go ahead!  Everybody needs a quality control department like Eric, that’s the Flow Difference!

“Wave is good to go!” explained Silverman. “It’s a cool venue; when you are riding, you are looking directly across at the city of Detroit,” he added.

“The FlowRider is so addicting and you can never be done with it as long as you have the creativity,” Silverman mentioned. “It’s awesome that more waves are being built in various locations because it will give more riders the opportunity to progress and continue to grow the sport,” he explained.

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See ya on the wave!