Merton Hotel’s FlowRider Gets Spruced Up For The Season

The dreary, winter weather at Merton Hotel on St. Saviour Island is packing its bags for the season.  The hotel staff and their guests are ready for some spring and summer sunshine to grace them with its presence.  David Donaghue, the hotel’s Aquatic Director, decided it was time to shine up their main attraction – their FlowRider® Single – just in time for those upcoming, epic summer days.

First!  Fun Facts:

  • St. Savioir Island is 1 of the 12 parishes of Jersey in the Channel Islands.
  • The Merton Hotel is 1 of 3 family-owned properties in the Channel Islands – beautiful property.
  • The Merton Hotel is 1 of 35 hotels worldwide to have a FlowRider for their guests to enjoy!

Between 2008, the year they installed the FlowRider, and now, they have maintained the ride beautifully.  Over time though, general use and environmental elements have taken their toll on the ride.  This is where our FlowRider Services comes into play.

After a few phone calls between Rob Chalfant, FlowRider Materials and Operations Manager, and Donaghue, we knew it was time to send Zak T., Rob’s right-hand man, for an onsite inspection. That was step one.  Step two was to make sure we were confident in what elements of the ride needed some TLC and then sending 2 highly skilled installers and refurb specialists – Andy P. & Liam L. to Merton Hotel.  Equipped with years of ride knowledge, sparkling personalities, and all the right refurbishment components, these guys brought the ride back to it’s original glorious state.

“Merton’s wave is obviously a popular spot at the hotel – it was a little beat up,” Andy tells us.  “The staff is pumped to test out their ‘new’ ride!”  While the guys worked, they even saw some locals periodically checking on their progress for the few days they were on the property.  People are obviously ansty to hop on their home wave as soon as possible.  Do you blame ’em?!?!

The side walls, back wall, front nozzle deck and the patented nozzle flap itself were all areas that needed some fresh materials.  Take a look for yourself!



FlowRider is the original, so it only makes sense to hire the people that have helped evolve the ride from where it was in 1991, the year of the original installation, to present day.  We pride ourselves on our work because we know that your business hinges on it.  Call us for an inspection, to get a quote for a full or partial refurb or just for some advice.  We are here and ready to help.

See Ya On The Wave!