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“It’s easy for families to enjoy the center and the FlowRider® certainly helps get our local teens interested. We like to brag that we have Utah’s coolest aquatic center! And, on the days that we host the FLOW Tour everyone has so much fun!”

Alan Walker, Aquatics Manager

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“Since installing the wave, we have seen a constant uptick in teens and young adults coming around. Having the FLOW Tour here every year is a total bonus too!”

Robert Serviss, Aquatics Operations Manager

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“The FlowRider® makes Pawnee Plunge a really fun place for our locals to host their birthday or corporate parties. The community loves the option of doing something healthy and out of the box.”

Brook Tomka, Aquatics Manager

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“We have some cool attractions at our waterpark, but the FlowRider® takes the cake. Not only is it fun for everyone, it actually generates revenue for our Parks & Rec department.”

Eric Mehl, Aquatics Manager