Go With The Flow ‘Back to the Future’ Day

Today is the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown set for Marty to save his children (yet to be born) in “Back to the Future Part II”.

October 21, 2015 has finally arrived.

The Back to the Future movies played an influential role in many lives and our society as a whole. Ironically, many scenes from the films created a spot on vision of what the future was to hold.


Our team at FlowRider® believes that the FlowRider sheet attraction gives participants opportunity to experience the future of nature and that the sport of flowboarding will be the action sport of the future.

Maybe we should set our time machine for specific date and make a bunch more predictions?

Although the movies were a bit optimistic, there we many areas where they were on point. From flat screen TV’s, 3D movies, virtual reality, video calls; of course the famous hover board.

Speaking of the Hover board, we have seen many spoofs and rumors of name brand companies dabbling in the R&D  (Research and Development) department, and seem to be getting close.- But some flowboarders may remember this flowboard design (featured/Photoshopped in photos) from the earlier years of our sport. Check out the orginal image on the FlowRider Shop Facebook page!


As we are still waiting on a few sporting event outcomes, flying cars and the self-lacing shoes from Nike or auto fitting apparel – but overall, it’s safe to say the directors nailed it!

See ya on the wave!