FlowRider Inc. Opens New Flow House – On the Moon!

“One small step for FlowRider, one giant leap for artificial wave technology!” stated FlowRider’s COO, Marshall Myrman.

For centuries, man has looked for a gathering spot for entertainment, good food, and beverage.  Be it the gladiator arenas of Ancient Rome, jousting tournaments in Old England or the more recent live music venues, we are constantly searching for some form of entertainment.  FlowRider, Inc is light years ahead of the competition.

one small step

“This venue is out of this world!  Literally,” explains VP of Sales, Andrew Thatcher.

This new Flow House, aptly named Flow House Moon, is going to take the universe by storm.  The entertainment (a.k.a. the FlowRider) will bring humans and an potentially extra-terrestrials in from various galaxies and planets…and most likely keep them coming back!

flowhouse on moon

When you mix the constantly-perfect wave from the FlowRider, a great menu, live entertainment and the latest sports streaming on TV in one cool venue on THE MOON, you’ve got the greatest gathering place in history!

Our goal is to deliver the California lifestyle to any planet. Are you ready for it? Lift off, fight the gravity and enjoy the energy of the newest Flow House in space!!

Find out more about Flow House, and how we can help you be cool! 

Did you get excited flowboarders? You did, didn’t you! You were eager to make the excursion to the moon and travel through space to ride the FlowRider?  We knew you would be. However, even though the FlowRider simulated wave is nearly perfected (always room for improvement), consumer space travel hasn’t. Just know, they are working on it!

  Happy April Fools Day!