Buy A FlowRider, Get The Best

FlowRider, Inc. is the best.  There, we said it.  We want you to know that the people and products that make up what is FlowRider, Inc. stand heads above the rest.  Read on to learn why we are throwing the ‘humble pie’ out the window for a hot second.

Your Goal is Our Goal

It starts with the first phone call, email, or handshake.  We want to know everything about your vision, your background, your expertise, your locale you wish to serve and so on.  In other words, you’re not just another sale in the books.  If you succeed, we succeed.  It’s a win – win – win.  In case you are wondering, the 3rd winner is actually a set of winners – your future patrons!

We Have a Hard Time Sitting Still

The only way to maintain the integrity of our product and to pass on peace of mind to you is to keep movin’ and improvin’ – constantly.  In regards to pumps, over the years we have worked with suppliers to optimize pump design to make it easier to install and maintain the pumps.  And just within the last year, we redesigned the pump tube intake system which allowed us to make the water tank much shallower.  This translates to less civil works, less water and lower operating costs.  When you buy a FlowRider® you will rest easy knowing that we are continually focused on safety, high quality components and amazing client support.

Our Team is Truly Global

San Diego, CA is our base, but our team extends across the globe.  We are backed by our parent company, WhiteWater West, of course, but we also have professional FlowRider installers scattered around the globe.  Should you need your staff re-trained, a ride inspection or need anything having to do with your wave, we can have someone onsite within a few days.  In some cases it can be within hours.  We also have a great online retail store (flowridershop.com) that gives you and your patrons access to the latest and greatest in flowboarding gear no matter where you are in the world.

Safety is Everything

Our patented tensioned ride surface creates a trampoline-like surface.  When you ride the FlowRider and inevitably wipe out, it’s actually part of the fun.  And now on our WaveOz™ attraction we have a fully inflatable ride surface that absorbs riders’ impacts too!  It’s like landing a giant pillow.

Another inflatable and important element is the Flow Fence™.  This is a air-cushioned “fence” that allows operators to safely employ two or more riders at once on a FlowRider or WaveOz attractions.  It basically creates safe, private lanes for each rider.

The front of our attractions are outfitted with another patented element – the nozzle flap.  The nozzle flap is designed to immediately close whenever the ride is shut off thus eliminated the possibility of riders coming in contact with the nozzles themselves.  Riders just glide up and over the top.

The perimeter of FlowRider, Inc. products is also a main focus.  The front and rear recovery areas are outfitted with a system called Pillow Padding™.  It’s extremely durable, easy to maintain, and most importantly provides a safe & soft landing area.  The side walls are thoroughly padded as well.  Our install team carefully applies a high quality and good looking padding system, so that no matter where your patrons may end up on the ride, it’s safe.

We are your official wave nerds, so please call or email us anytime.  Whether you are thinking about starting a FlowRider-centric business, you want to buy some gear from flowridershop.com or want some guidance on how best to operate your wave, we want to talk to you.

See Ya On The Wave!