April Fools

Some people mark their calendars; others simply forget, but the first day of April is a day of practical jokes and hoaxes labeled as “April Fools.”

The best jokes are the clever ones that don’t cause harm or any permanent damage and everyone falls on the ground laughing, including the victim of the joke.

Friends, Co-Workers and even companies get involved in the action worldwide; we were even caught off guard today as well.

Here’s how it went down…

While our marketing team was trolling social media this week, we noticed that Outer Banks Boarding Company had posted an image stating “FlowRider COMING THIS SUMMER”. nc1

We were a bit puzzled as we were not aware of any plans to install a wave or send the FlowRider Mobile to North Carolina, hence our team was intrigued.

After running around the office, doing some digging and coming up short of details, we called the Outer Banks Boarding Company to find out more.

The girl who answered the phone simply let out a loud laugh and said “Wow, it actually worked!” She went on to say “Sorry, April Fools!”

As impressive as the well thought out and meticulously planned pranks are, it’s the ones that fly under the radar that really get you. Props to Outer Banks Boarding Company, for creating a stir all the way on the West Coast.

We let out a few laughs amongst ourselves in the office, as even we fell victim to the joke.

In addition, it was quite flattering as we came to the conclusion that the surfing community in North Carolina wants a FlowRider attraction in their area so bad, they played a prank on their local boarders, who are sure to be bummed once they realize it was just a joke, at least for now!