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Why Buy A FlowRider

The WOW Factor

Market differentiation
We provide the difference



OK, we admit it. We are different. But is that market differentiation? Not quite. We let the success stories speak for themselves and it is evident that FlowRider products provide that differentiation. Just ask Royal Caribbean. When we asked them why they had purchased seven FlowRider’s, with at least 5 more in the pipeline, they responded with a simple answer – “because we wanted something to set us apart from our competitors and FlowRider did just that.”

The FlowRider provides the WOW factor that keeps riders coming back for more, and it creates a central entertainment hub for any venue, whether waterpark, municipality, hotel or private residence. Our products are proudly featured in the best of the best, from Royal Caribbean to Great Wolf Lodge, Sunway Lagoon, Kalahari Resorts, Flow House and Wave House globally, YAS Island, Hyatt Hill Country, TX, Westin Hotels, Radisson Hotels, Melia Hotel Group – get the picture? We bring public awareness and media exposure clearly into focus!

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Royal Caribbean International’s Oasis of the Seas Propelled by Two FlowRider® Doubles

Pipeline to Profit (F&B)

Combining great food and beverage is the key to your success!
photo courtesy of Surf House Phuket
Alternative Revenue Streams
Multiple avenues for growth


When you watch a FlowRider or FlowBarrel sheet wave, you generally get caught up in the kaleidoscope of action; it is hard to take your eyes off of the never ending thrills and spills. Whether a skilled rider or a novice, they are all fun to watch. As you look for a seat to take in the action, you figure a nice meal and frosty beverage would be in order…. and what do you know? A server is ready and willing to take your order.

Unfortunately, the opportunity to create ancillary revenue streams is missed by a large number of venues, but we have perfected this through our Flow House brand. We deliver this “profitability pipeline” by incorporating Food and Beverage, Retail, Wave Programming, Sponsorship, and a host of other revenue generating activities. As a venue, you usually pay for the entertainment. In a Flow House, the FlowRider is the main entertainer and how often do the entertainers pay you? In the case of a Flow House, everyday!

In a waterpark, locate your new wave near F&B and watch the FlowRider recover your investment right before your very eyes. Revenue creation can be a creative topic. Use your imagination as we have been using ours for years. Don’t forget though, we are here to help you every step of the way.

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Throughput vs Capacity

Passive capacity will have you serving faster!
photo courtesy of Surf House Phuket
Capacity is Key
Measure passive vs active capacity


We often get asked the question, “what is the throughput of the FlowRider?” It’s as if there is some magical formula that determines the profitability of an attraction. Throughput multiplied by capacity divided by the cost and then added to the square root of the pi…..? While the question is legitimate,the preferable question is “will the FlowRider make me money?” Direct and certainly more fitting for a ride like ours.

Now let’s throw throughput out the window and start talking about CAPACITY; very similar for most rides out there but vastly different for the FlowRider. Capacity on a FlowRider is broken down into two components; Active Capacity and Passive Capacity. Active Capacity is simply the number of rides that occur on the ride in a one hour period. There are many factors that affect this; rider skill, type of riding, loading position, age of rider etc. The average ride length is 20 seconds (3 seconds for the unskilled and up to 45 seconds for the skilled rider). The load time is usually around 10 seconds, this too can change based on the skill of the operator. All in all, the Active Capacity for a FlowRider Double is roughly 240 rides per hour.

When it comes to the FlowRider, Active Capacity is just a small part of what the ride can do for you. Passive Capacity, or as we like to call it “Makes You Money Capacity,” is really where the rubber meets the road. Visit any FlowRider around the world and there is always one thing you will find – a crowd of spectators enjoying the skills, thrills and spills. This is Passive Capacity, and the beautiful thing about this group is they normally have a beer or juice in their hand and a burger on their plate. It is the Passive Capacity that drives your profitability pipeline and one of the top reasons why venues decide to invest in our product.

When orchestrated correctly, it is the Passive Capacity that results in an increase in F&B sales of 25%-40%. Now that’s the kind of throughput that that we like to talk about!

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Skill vs Thrill

Eliminate thrill fatigue
Steep learning curve


Board sports are continually evolving. There are older, mature boardsports such as surfing, windsurfing and skateboarding. Then there are the newer kids on the block – kite surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and flowboarding. What is the common thread to all of these activities? If you don’t practice you will not be very good at them… ever. But, if you put in the time, your skill level will improve.

Riding a big slide is thrilling, but ride it five times in a row and the thrill will erode – we call that “thrill fatigue.” Ride a FlowRider once, with the proper instruction, and it is thrilling. Practice it, and just like most sports, the thrill will never evaporate like the water you are riding. Instead, the FlowRider will provide you the adrenaline rush of successful challenges met, and will inspire you to achieve a never ending cycle of “skill-based” reward. With a steep learning curve similar to snowboarding, the FlowRider will deliver the thrill of surfing a never ending wave, with the ultimate outcome of learning new moves in your ongoing skill based conquest.

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The FlowRider® will inspire you to achieve a never ending cycle of skill based reward.

photo courtesy of Surf House Phuket

Teen Dilemma

Teens are our collective present and future
— Wave House Sentosa
Capture Teen Market
Ages 13-29 engaged by our product


As a parent, you are always concerned about the next great vacation, especially if you have teens. In fact, will they even want to come? We have solved this dilemma for the consumer, and have solved it for you, the business owner or large corporation. Royal Caribbean has taken advantage and now dominate the industry with the capability of having teenagers clamoring to go on a cruise – unheard of twenty years ago. We cater to this “most wanted” demographic of youths that want to impress. The FlowRider offers this ultimate opportunity, and the teens are “flowing” to participate.

Do you worry about where your children are? We provide the answer for the parents and venue alike. Day camps are a go to feature of a FlowRider. Children to teens will learn to surf and hone their skills on an amazing wave, surfing to their hearts content while providing added value and repeat visitation to you, the venue owner. They are “our” collective present and future.

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Beach Lifestyle
We deliver the Southern California lifestyle


We aren’t from Belgium or Scotland or China or…… the point is, what do they know about the Southern California lifestyle? Nada, as in zero. FlowRider? We live it, love it, and we want to share it with the rest of the world. We wake up in the morning saying to ourselves “what awesome pair of shorts do I want to wear today and what flip flops match?” When it comes to the surfing lifestyle, we are the experts. We play hard, but work harder. The ocean is part of our daily routine. We Surf, Skate, Snow and FLOW.

We are the experts in sharing. Sharing the daily stoke and good vibe of how we grew up at the beach and how we live on a daily basis. Waking up early to the freshening offshore breeze and pumping swell – wait a minute here, there is no swell. Ah heck, let’s go surf the FlowRider!! In fact, come join the millions of global participants getting stoked by the feel and passion of surfing our endless waves, and be part of the multi-billion dollar action sport industry that wants to share their stoke as well.

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So Cal Lifestyle. We live it! We love it!


We provide the opportunity to compete and to “go with the FLOW”
We Created The Sport
Thirty plus competitions annually


Flowboarding is a hybrid boardsport that has evolved since the 1990s with input from some of the world’s best alternative athletes: Snowboarding champion Terje Haakonsen, bodyboard inventor Tom Morey, greatest surfer in the history of the world Kelly Slater, skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, and skimboard master Bill “Beaker” Bryan were all on the frontline of the flowboarding evolution turned revolution, but… its roots clearly reside in surfing.

Flowboarding starts simply with getting a feel for the flow. Once initiated to the adrenaline rush of the FLOW, it becomes a high performance art which has created a sport where the best riders are busting double back-flips, and strapless superman airs on the FlowBarrel, and all of the relevant street skate tricks – shuvits, kick flips, etc – on the FlowRider.

It combines the best of all worlds and the sport has burst into one that has FLOW Tours in the USA, Europe and Asia, and culminates in season ending world championship events on the FlowRider and FlowBarrel respectively. It has generated its’ own heroes such as multiple National and World Champion Sean Silveira on the FlowRider, multiple World FlowBarrel Champion Eric Silverman, and all around stalwart Greg Lazarus. It is growing year over year, and it will continue to do so with events in upcoming venues – hopefully yours!

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