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LatiTube is a great introduction to WhiteWater’s stationary surf products.  It’s easy for every guest to master and to feel the amazing adrenaline rush of surfing.  The unique riding surface is made up of hundreds of nozzles that direct the water in such a way that the operator is able to precisely control the wave level to match the ability of the guest. This ensures each guest has their WOW moment and a great experience overall.


The LatiTube was 4 years in physical development prior to its launch in 2013. WhiteWater, the parent company of FlowRider®, recognized the potential of the technology and acquired LatiTube in November and added it to their range of surf products.
This pin point technology created by our ride designers easily produces the right amount of thrill vs safety tailored to the individual user in real time. Operators have precise control the water flow and wave shape using a waterproof radio to produce a dynamic ever changing wave so repeat riders have different experiences every ride! The variable water intensity control means operators are able to adjust the ride to reflect each rider’s requirements depending on their age and ability.
The flexibility of this technology also means the direction of the water flow can be ‘Switched’ in an instant, swapping the water flow direction from left to right; all LatiTube waves simulate either a left or right hand break just as in the ocean. This gives riders of both goofy and natural stance (depending on rider preference) the opportunity to surf on their ‘forehand’ or ‘backhand’ and greatly adds to the overall ride authenticity.
Patented and proven, no other board sport technology can provide this level of control.


LatiTube is a great addition to your facility because it provides a surfing experience within reach of everyone from ages 4 to 74! Every guest can even enjoy a getting barreled photo op as they surf under the curling water spray.
LatiTube throughput is controlled by the operator. For example a ride can range from 20 seconds during peak demand, to 60 seconds, or longer, dependent upon those in the queue. Riders may either queue and experience a few turns, or sign up for a session for a set duration.
This is great product for all variety of facilities from Water Parks to Community recreational facilities and gives you a new experience to use in your marketing with images


LatiTube has been designed to be ultra-safe so that it meets the needs of your youngest patrons. The unique surface design makes every fall a flexible soft landing. The nozzle technology allows the guest to simply stand in place on the surface if they come off their board. The precise control of water means within an instant the water flow can cease should that be required.




Project Detail

Pocket Double: Width 14.4m (47.2 ft) x Length 11.0m (36.1 ft)
Pocket Single: Width 9.75m (31.9 ft) x Length 11.0m (36.1 ft)
Pocket Switch: Width 11.9m (39 ft) x Length 11.0m (36.1 ft)
Pocket Double: 2 Riders (320 - 480 Rides/Hour)
Pocket Single: 1 Rider (120 Rides/Hour)
Pocket Switch: 1 Rider (120 Rides/Hour)
Pocket Double: 127,585 liters (33,704 gallons)
Pocket Single: 65,135 liters (17,207 gallons)
Pocket Switch: 94,010 liters (24,835 gallons)
Pocket Double: 290kW (389hp)
Pocket Single: 170kW (228hp)
Pocket Switch: 170kW (228hp)