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FlowRider Single

The FlowRider Single generally suffers from an identity crisis.  It is stuck in the middle between the most popular wave on the planet (FlowRider Double) and the upstart FlowRider Compact.  But make no mistake, the FlowRider Single has its legion of fans. Just check the image above. The Single, as we affectionately call it, has the innate ability to bring severe joy to many different groups of people.  From the novice “newbie” of the upstart flowboarding generation, to the expert riding of multiple National and World Champion Sean Silveira (who grew up on a Single), it is ready to handle any attack with the highest performance delivered by any single pump product in the world.


Power vs Price vs Foot Print

Cost vs priceThe FlowRider Single is the “Bread and Butter” product of Wave House San Diego.  It is constantly packed during the season with people getting the first wave of their life, as well as playing host every year as a favored stop on the FLOW Tour, in which the best riders in the world rip the little Single to shreds.  But… it always bounces back with unparalleled performance.  With 121 hp under the hood and a ride surface that allows over 37 sq meters (400 sq ft) of ripping ride space, the Single has a lot of adrenaline to offer!

Reliability and Safety

SafetyThe Safety of the FlowRider Single, like all of the FlowRider family of attractions, is unparalleled.  With the right training, newcomers to the sport will move up the learning curve in a very steep fashion, and with a tensioned fabric ride surface, it is about as safe as it gets for an extreme sport.  A well run venue dictates safety – we give the venue the correct tools to execute for an epic experience for your customer- the flowboarding enthusiast.

The Sport

shuv it2The sport of flowboarding is integral to your venues success.  This is why we created FLOW – the Flowboarding League Of the World.  It is to inspire greatness and the next generation of shredders.  The FlowRider Single meets the minimum criteria for the sport in terms of having a sanctioned Pro/Am or Tour event.  Some of the best riders in the world grew up on a single – how about you and your riders?  Where will they learn to FLOW?




Project Detail

FlowRider Single
Width 6.7m (22') x length 16.45m (54')
1m (3’3”) minimum
Grade elevation is adjustable based
on site - Assumes front nozzle deck 0
(at grade)
1.1 m (3.5’)
1.8m (6’)
160-240 rides per hour
1,466 kg per sq.m(305lbs per sq/ft)
Note: Weight is less concrete
106,300 liters (28,100 gallons)
90kW @ 120hp

FlowRider Product Line

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