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We are always asked “what sheet wave do you make that is between the FlowRider and the FlowBarrel.” The answer is the FlowCurl.  FlowCurl is the super premium version of the FlowRider, with some of the curling attributes of the epic FlowBarrel series of waves.  The FlowCurl will allow you to shred, as if you were surfing at the most “rippable” spot in the world, Trestles, San Clemente.  It is, in fact, a never ending Trestles wall, ready for destruction.


Product Innovation

Product inovationSurfers need variety, and so do those who ride our sheet waves, and the FlowCurl delivers.  Swing down into a hard bottom turn and go charging into the lip and follow that up with a gouging cutback; that is the beauty of the FlowCurl.  It feels just like tearing apart your favorite surf spot, but there is no fighting for waves.  Just wait for your turn and encourage your fellow riders to go off!
It is this innovation that drives us – innovation tied to the board sports industry as a whole.  We inspire riders, but aspire to new challenges.  The feel of surfing tied to skills of a snow/skate/wake boarder.  We innovate to satisfy the demand of our customers.  We can innovate because we ride – from top to bottom.  We sell from our hearts and from our passion.

Skill and Sport

skill and sportFlowCurl will provide tremendous inspiration to a whole new category of riding – the total shredder who is looking for the “Curl” with a lip to bash and float across.  It is the attraction that will have spectators hanging on, grabbing a seat in your venue to add to your revenue stream, and it is the attraction that today’s new fleet of flowboarding addicts will put to the ultimate test.  It is the skill required to meet the new challenges delivered by FlowRider Inc.  The bar just keeps getting higher.


safetyOur products mean nothing if they aren’t safe.  What is safe?  Heck, even crossing the street can be dangerous if you don’t follow the rules.  This is why we have comprehensive training.  We want to make sure that the riders have every chance of success.  This is our goal, and with the incorporation of the tension fabric ride surface, we are poised to meet our own internal challenges.

Project Detail

Width 16m (52.8’) x length 16.7m (54.8’)
1m (3'3")
Grade elevation is adjustable based on site. Assumes front nozzle deck 0 (at grade).
1.2m (4’)
1.8m (6’)
160-240 rides per hour
350,000kg (770,000lb)
Note: Weight is less concrete
300,000 liters (75,000 gallons)
225kW @300hp

FlowRider Product Line

  • FlowSurf
    FlowRider Compact
    FlowRider Single
  • FlowRider Double
    FlowRider Mobile
    FlowRider Wave in a Box Single
    FlowRider Wave in a Box Double
  • FlowBarrel Five
    FlowBarrel Ten
    FlowBarrel Ten Double