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FlowBarrel Ten

Surfers from prior generations have traveled the globe in search of the perfect wave.  From Bruce Brown’s epic travelogue “The Endless Summer” to the youth of today looking for blown out peaks to perfect their aerial attack, the goals have always been the same – maximize adrenaline.  Please meet the adrenaline maximizer – the FlowBarrel Ten!  Strap in and let’s get barreled!!!!!!!


The Barrel

The BarrelWant to get parked?  Tubed?  Shacked? Piped? Pitted? Find the emerald cave/cavern? In surfing parlance, this all means one thing – want to get barreled?   We do, and we sit inside the FlowBarrel Ten to get our tuberiding and adrenaline fix.  Getting on the wave for the first time is intimidating, and it should be.  It is 860 horsepower of a non-stop, perfect, barreling wave.  The wave it was designed after, Big Rock in La Jolla, is also an adrenaline fueled wave, although it is a quick, short wave.  Quick is not in the FlowBarrel vocabulary.  Want to get barreled for a minute?  Learn, hop on, and get SHACKED!  Stoke your fellow flowboarding enthusiasts, as well as the legions of spectators that will immediately gravitate to this attraction.

Aerial Attack

Charl05_lrSo the barrel isn’t what you hunt?  Strap in to one of our incredible flowboards and work on your air attack.  Front flips, backflips and any number of half-pipe tricks from skate, surf and snow are all within the realm of possibility.  As the riders master these new tricks, you (the venue) become the beneficiary through increased food and beverage sales.  You will be the talk of the town, as there is a new master of your retail domain – the FlowBarrel Ten.  It is also the staple product of the World Flowboarding Championships, where the world’s best apply their trade for the honor of top FlowBarrel rider in the world.  It is a scene that could be at your venue in the near future.

Complimentary Products

Complimentary ProductsSales pitch 101 – if you want a FlowBarrel, you need a FlowRider to go with it.  But this isn’t a sales pitch at all.  It is for the safety of your flowboarding enthusiasts.  It is always a good idea to have a FlowRider for the newbies to learn on, master the craft of flowboarding for their barrel hunting pursuit.  Once initiated, the hunt begins, and with the hunt, the expertise grows.  The newbies of today are the aerialists of tomorrow, providing the entertainment value you bargained for.

The Sport

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASome may say the pinnacle of the sport is on the FlowBarrel.  The FlowBarrel vs the FlowRider – like apples and oranges.  The FlowRider encourages the types of tricks found during “street skating” competition or terrain competitions on a snowboard.  The FlowBarrel is the equivalent to the corresponding “half pipe” competitions.  Rarely do the same people excel at both.  It is the beauty of these dissimilarities of the sport that we love.  Progression is inherent in the sport.  Go ride a wave!  

Project Detail

FlowBarrel Ten
Width 15m (49’) x length 16.5m (55’)
1 m (3’3”)
Grade elevation is adjustable based on site. Assumes front nozzle deck 0 (at grade)
3 m (10’)
3 m (10’)
160 - 240 rides per hour
507,000kg (1,100,000lbs) 2,290 kg per sq. m (470 lbs per sq/ft)
Note: Weight is less concrete
454,000 liters (120,000 US gallons)
640 kW @ 860 hp

FlowRider Product Line

  • FlowSurf
    FlowRider Compact
    FlowRider Single
  • FlowRider Double
    FlowRider Mobile
    FlowRider Wave in a Box Single
    FlowRider Wave in a Box Double
  • FlowBarrel Five
    FlowBarrel Ten
    FlowBarrel Ten Double