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fanProtect and maintain your investment, warranty, and indemnification

fanUpdate your FlowRider with the latest technology

fanImprove the safety of your attraction

fanRely on 20+ yrs of “Originality” and market leadership

fanProven service leadership

fanBacking of WhiteWater West Industries

We operate out of our facility in San Diego, CA (not a house or garage) and we have the support and backing of the largest Waterpark design, build and products manufacturer in the world – WhiteWater West Industries.

We also have access to every drawing of every attraction ever built – no guesswork on modifications here! – and there is a reasonable chance that the person in charge of upgrading your FlowRider, may have been on the original installation team. We are the service leaders – no hunting us down - and we are available at most reasonable hours and many that are unreasonable! We can put life back into your attraction by refurbishing side walls, installing new ride surfaces, or changing out your old recovery systems with our new Pillow Padding™ recovery systems.

When Royal Caribbean International, the largest floating hotel chain in the world, wants work done on their FlowRider, who do you think they trust? The proven leaders, that’s who. When they say “We want our FlowRider completely refurbished, and in 6 days” we make the impossible possible. It becomes a challenge within our team to prove to the Manager of Technical Services, Justin Montgomery, that we can do the impossible.

We are very pleased to have FlowRider as part of our team here at Royal Caribbean. FlowRider has been loyal and always available when needed, whether it be planned or in emergency situations. We are looking forward to the future with the relationship with FlowRider.
Justin L. Montgomery | Manager, Technical Services GMTS - Royal Caribbean Cruises

Our wave was in desperate need of a face lift. Thanks to you guys our FlowRider is like new again. Excellent job on the refurbishment.
Michael Bishop | Water Sports Coordinator - Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos

It is important to note that when we help you with your wave, the indemnification provisions in your agreement and any remaining warranty will remain intact. This is critical when talking about FlowRider Services – which is what we are all about. Whether it is your old nozzle flaps that need replacing, or assistance with your pump maintenance, we are the one stop shop to FlowRider maintenance. Feel free to give us a call at any time to get a quote on your needs. With years of service experience, we will provide you with a strategy to upgrade your wave.

If you want the best products and services, call on the best.  Call 1-619-241-2517 or email info@flowrider.com. Let’s put the attractiveness back into your attraction - today.