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About FlowRider, inc

You may be wondering, “Just who is FlowRider®?” What a great question, and are we talking about a verb, noun, or adjective? The verb would be FlowRiding, which is what many of us do to stay slim and trim, and to understand the nuances of the noun, which is our incredible, beyond compare sheetwave, the FlowRider – you need to check one of our 180+ global installations and “Go with the Flow.”
But who are we and how did we get here?

It is a “long and winding road” but a great story nonetheless, however it will be a book, and books don’t sell anymore, so here is the Readers Digest mega condensed version, or the adjective, whichever you prefer:

Whitewater West Industries (WWI) out of Canada bought (kind of) the sheet wave IP, trademarks, and assets from Wave Loch, formed a new company in San Diego called FlowRider, Inc and were awesome enough to let us follow our passion of designing, engineering, marketing, selling, building, riding, and helping others to ride the most inventive (thanx Tom Lochtefeld) and popular alternative wave in the world while at the same time letting us be who we are which is a bunch of hardworking surfers who love the board sports community, So Cal Beach lifestyle, our jobs, and the awesomeness of the Northern Mothership of WWI led by Geoff Chutter and Andrew Wray, which designs, engineers, markets, sells, and builds the most awesome waterpark(s) (water is a common denominator here) attractions on the planet and which house many of our fantastic FlowRiders and introduce millions of earthlings to our breakthrough sport and activity of Flowboarding whereby we have a sport led by Adam Muller , while Jo Saunders, amongst her many marketing and web activities and duties, funnels our awesome leads to Andrew Thatcher along with a massive, international sales team who all travel the globe introducing billions to our (did I say) AWESOME alternative surfing experience, that our awesome engineering team of Brad, Eliza, Stephen and Jeremy design, and that our Materials and Ops Manager (Rob) makes sure is delivered on time and installed by our awesome group of installation experts, and did I mention the awesome support team from up north (they ski and snowboard, btw, so they qualify as cool) that allows us and inspires us to pursue our dream of Global Domination, in which our webmaster, Till Paris builds these awesome (there’s that word again) websites with a bit of input from me but he obviously didn’t proof read this part because he trained me in WordPress and I am now awesomely dangerous and a thorn is this awesome website, so many thanx to the awesomeness of Geoff, Andrew and the many who support our dream of finding and reading a Thesaurus which I just opened and looked up the word awesome and the first word that popped up was……. FLOWRIDER!!!        Whew…..